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February is observed as LGBT+ History Month every year to celebrate the history of the LGBT+ community, their rights, and the civil rights movements related to the community.

Over the last century, there has been significant progress in LGBT+ rights, but these achievements have come at a cost of sacrifices made by countless activists who have fought tirelessly for the right of people to express their true selves. 

It's an important month to come together to remember the abolition of Section 28. This particular legislation had imposed restrictions on the "promotion" of homosexuality. The Scottish Parliament repealed the Act in 2000, marking one of its earliest legislative actions. We acknowledge the significance of this event and stand in solidarity with those who were affected by it. 

This year's LGBT+ History Month theme is Medicine, under the #UnderTheScope. The focus is on highlighting the remarkable contributions made by individuals from the LGBT+ community within the healthcare sector, both in the past and present.

Throughout this month, various organizations are examining LGBT+ history through the lens of medicine. For instance, the National AIDS Trust is celebrating and commemorating the exceptional achievements of LGBT+ individuals in addressing HIV over the past four decades.

In addition, Stonewall is asking communities to contact their MPs and urge them to call for a ban on the harmful practice of conversion therapy.

Throughout this month, we'll be sharing significant moments of change and progress in LGBT+ history on our social media. Keep an eye out!

Some hashtags are: #LGBTplusHM#Usualise#educateOUTprejudice, #UnderTheScope

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