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For some international students, joining a Students' Association may be a new experience. We understand that adjusting to a new country can be challenging, but we are here to assist you at every step - from helping you settle down to introducing you to all the wonderful things the highlands and islands of Scotland offer!

All students, including international students, have equal access to our resources. Here are some tips specific to international students.

International students’ representation

Sometimes, international students have a different university experience than those who have lived in the UK. That's why we elect students to advocate for specific issues and obstacles international students face.

If you're interested in making a difference and being a part of something bigger, consider becoming a Student Voice Rep or Deputy President at your academic partner. The former is a voluntary role you can take on alongside your studies, while the latter is a paid, part-time position. Whether or not you have prior experience, all that is required is your passion and drive. Keep an eye on our social media for information on how to sign up to be a rep, get access to training, and share your input with your peers.

International Students Network

The International Students Network welcomes all international students to come together to find support, participate in activities, and discuss issues relating to their student experience.

The International Students Network welcomes students studying at UHI from other places in the world - as distance learners or those new to Scotland! We give students from around the world a chance to meet each other and share their experiences about their time in Scotland or studying in a Scottish institution.


Your Students' Association supports sports clubs, which are student groups participating in physical activities, including competitive and non-competitive sports/athletic activities. They are run by student committees, with specialised support from sporting mentors. 

Regular exercise can help with stress, sleep, mental health, and well-being and help you meet like-minded people.

UHI Resources 

To help you make the most of your student experience, UHI pulled together some guides on various aspects of studying in Scotland. These guides cover the important things you need to know, like what happens once you arrive in Scotland, the culture in the UK, and information about banking and your health.

When Things Go Wrong, The Advice Service is Here to Help...

The Advice Service, provided by Your Students' Association, offers assistance to EU and international students with various concerns such as academic issues, culture shock, and financial matters.

Below is a list of links to information about international and EU student issues that you may find helpful. If you cannot find the information here that you need or would like to discuss something in confidence, contact us.

Useful Links & Reading

UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) -  Advice for international students in the UK and universities, colleges and students' unions who support them.

Scotland's Migration Service - Information and advice for people who have recently moved to Scotland, international students, employers, and investors.

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