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The Executive Committee combines:

  • Your Cross-Campus Officers including your Students' Association President and Vice-President Education.

  • Your Local Officers from each of the nine academic partners where the Students' Association represents students locally.

  • The Student Association President from Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, a UHI academic partner.

What does the Executive Committee do?

The Executive Committee meets to discuss issues of importance to students from across UHI's academic partners and, from those, chooses the priorities for the cross-campus agenda. 

The strategies, plans, and policies developed by the Executive Committee are brought before the All Student Meeting for approval.

The Current Executive Committee (2023-2024)

  • William Campbell - Students' Association President
  • Gary Souter - Vice President Education
  • Ahren Armstrong - Argyll Depute President
  • Liz Keegan - Inverness President
  • Holly Pearce - Inverness Depute President (Education)
  • Joe Sweeney - Inverness Depute President (Activities & Welfare)
  • Sophie-Ann Bain - North, West and Hebrides Depute President (North)
  • Shannon MacCallum - North, West and Hebrides Depute President (West)
  • Fiona Smith - Perth President
  • Rebecca Bond - Inverness Depute President (Activities & Welfare)
  • Kian McDonald - SAMS Depute President
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