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Study Skills & Learning Support

As part of your Student Induction, you will have been signposted to some resource material from UHI to help you develop your academic work. This can include referencing support, note-taking, preparing for assessments/exams, etc. A link to those resources can be found below.

If you are struggling with an aspect of your course, you may want to raise your concerns with your lecturer/tutor/module organiser in the relevant department. Your circumstances can change throughout the year. You might benefit from speaking with a UHI Student Support staff member to offer support and guidance around learning support, funding, disability support, etc. Each Academic Partner has an expert team of staff to support you, whose details you can find below. You can also email the central student support team, and they will forward your query to the appropriate team.

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Useful Resources

UHI Induction Materials

UHI Student Support – Academic Partner Details

Personal Learning Support Plan (PLSP)

If a student discloses a disability while studying, the student services staff at their enrolling college will assess their needs. If needed, this assessment will help them set up a Personal Learning Support Plan (PLSP). The PLSP, especially its Summary of Support section, will outline the approved support measures students can receive based on their specific needs and their impact on their studies.

When you apply for a course or during your studies, you can disclose any disability or support requirement. Once you disclose your contact details, they will be sent to the Learner Support Team. You and the team will arrange a meeting to discuss the support you may require. At this meeting, your Student Advisor may also be present with any external agency or family member you request. A PLSP format has been created to ensure that the support you receive is consistent with the support offered to all students who have disclosed a disability/support requirement.

Once the PLSP meeting is over, the Support Team will prepare a report based on the discussed topics. A complete copy of your PLSP will be kept safe and secure in your student record, along with any external information or reports that have been received. Some information disclosed during a PLSP meeting may be sensitive, so Learner Support will only share relevant information.

PLSPs are working documents and can be amended and changed at any point throughout the academic year. Each student will have at least one review meeting per session and additional meetings as needed.

Students do not need to wait for the team to check in with them to revise their PLSP. They can speak with the team at any time and let them know about changes in circumstances and adjustments that may not work to the extent they expected. Even if you declined to set up a PLSP at the start, you can set one up anytime!

If you face any problems with any section of your approved PLSP, you should contact the student services staff at your enrolled college. You can also share your feedback through the Red Button or speak with an advisor from the Advice Service. The university's complaints process is available as a last resort option in an emergency.

Useful Resources

UHI Inclusive and Learning Support

UHI - How do I get support?

Additional support online

Students can use the university’s Additional Support Online system to access their support records via UHI Records.

Students who have a support plan in place can utilise the system to perform the following functions:

  • Schedule appointments with support staff
  • View, modify and approve their support plan
  • Access information regarding equipment that has been loaned to them
  • View details of support measures and exam arrangements that have been agreed upon for them
  • Generate university dyslexia stickers, but only if the use of those stickers has been approved within their support plan.

Click here on how to access the system...

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