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Committee Hub

The menu to the left will provide you with key resources for the day-to-day running and overall management of your club or society.

At a minimum, each club should have someone to fulfill the duties of the President and someone to fulfill the duties of a Secretary and Treasurer. Of course, you can use whatever titles are most appropriate for your club or society.


There are a few essentials required for running any club. They are:


In the video below, we provide a brief training on three key areas that committees are responsible for: Risk AssessmentsFinances, and the Annual General Meeting.  The President of the club is involved in each of these areas as they lead activity and approve finances.  

  • Risk Assessments are primarily carried out by the President and the Secretary, and the Secretary is responsible for filling out the forms and submitting them to HISA.


  • Finances are arranged by the President and the Treasurer, with the treasurer responsible for record keeping and managing expenditures and deposits.


  • The AGM is led by the President but can include reports and record-keeping by the Secretary and Treasurer. 

A strong committee works together to support each other in running and managing a club or society.



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