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Starting a New Group


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In West Highland, student groups make use of dramatic scenery and superb outdoor opportunities with sporting clubs like Snowsports and Mountainbiking.

Campuses like Moray and Perth have art and music clubs. Inverness College's School of Forestry has a vibrant academic society. Our unique geographical context provides students with opportunities to connect with others outside of their own college in our Regional clubs like UHI Gaming.

Clubs and Societies are a chance for students to take part in sports and hobbies, reduce feelings of isolation, and collaborate with their peers.

If you don't find a club or society that meets your interests on this website, you can apply to start a new group.

What are the benefits of becoming a Club or Society?

  • Assistance with room bookings/facilities on campus
  • A page on the HISA website
  • Skills Development
  • Community-building
  • A stall or virtual space at your local fresher’s fayre
  • General insurance
  • Training opportunities/ Workshops
  • Possibility of CPD training
  • Drop-in networking sessions for best practice sharing
  • A chance to meet, and visit other UHI partners
  • Help with fundraising for your club/society
  • Access to HISA grants


Starting a new group is easy!

To start a new Sports Club or Society, please read through the Guidance sheet here

Gather any information needed and apply for HISA Affiliation by filling out the online application. Once submitted, you will be contacted by our Community Engagement Department ( about your application and next steps.


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