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All UHI students agree to follow the rules of the University in terms of both studying and behaviour at the time of their enrollment. The rules are those set out in the UHI Student Code of Conduct

A breach of the Student Code of Conduct will be treated as misconduct and dealt with using the Student Disciplinary Procedure. UHI and partners aim to act reasonably in dealing with alleged or actual student misconduct. 

The Student Code of Conduct applies to behaviour in both physical and online environments. It is important to note that the Code deals with Academic and Non-Academic Conduct separately.

Each process has several levels depending on the type and severity of the breach of the code being considered.

If you receive notification from your Academic Partner that they are investigating you under the Code, you should contact the Advice Service as soon as possible as we will be able to provide you with support and advice on how you should proceed and may be able to represent you at any hearing(s) required.

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