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As part of your Student Induction, you will have been signposted to some resource material from UHI to help you in your development of academic work. This can include referencing support, note-taking, preparing for assessments/exams, etc. A link to those resources can be found below.

If you are struggling with an aspect of your course, you may want to raise your concerns with your lecturer/tutor/module organiser in the relevant department. Your circumstances can change through the year and you might benefit from speaking with a UHI Student Support staff member to offer support and guidance around learning support, funding, disability support, etc. Each Academic Partner has an expert team of staff to support you, whose details you can find below. You can also email the central student support team and they will forward your query to the right team.

Useful Resources

UHI Induction Materials

UHI Student Support – Academic Partner Details

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